Transportation & Logistics

Ensure safe, compliant, and efficient shipments

Strata-G’s transportation services staff are nationally recognized for their extensive technical capability and reputation for doing tough projects right the first time. With our decades of experience shipping hazardous and radioactive materials throughout the world, our staff has developed unmatched expertise. We can optimize your shipments and be certain that your complex wastes are safely, cost effectively, and compliantly shipped. Internal peer reviews, continuously updated training and certifications are all part of the Strata-G commitment to delivering excellence to every project and customer.

Project Highlights

Shipment of RAD/HAZ Waste

Strata-G Transportation Specialists have shipped thousands of legacy and newly-generated waste containers from client sites to treatment and disposal sites nationwide. Provided onsite process observations to maximize disposal site efficiencies.

Logistics Optimization

Strata-G logistics experts optimized shipping of materials by rail, by truck, and over water using models to simulate transport options and minimize cost.

Transportation and Logistics Consulting

  • Plan shipping and logistics over road, rail, air, and water
  • Develop transportation routing and supply chain analytics
  • Lower your costs and improve accuracy
  • Plan for strategic and high-risk materials movement

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