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At Strata-G, our multidisciplinary team comprising civil, structural, mechanical (piping & HVAC), electrical, instrumentation & control, process, and fire protection engineers serves as a collective of subject matter experts adept at conceptual design and diligent problem resolution. With a firm commitment to excellence, our team assumes ultimate responsibility for executing project tasks as defined and ensuring seamless project completion. We adhere to rigorous standards, overseeing the fulfillment of functional, operational, and performance requirements outlined in project documentation.

Collaborating closely, our team delivers comprehensive system requirements documents (SRDs), conceptual facility layouts, design summaries, engineering discipline manhour estimates, hours summaries, and statements of work (SOWs). These documents are meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs and specifications of our clients, reflecting our dedication to quality and precision in every aspect of project execution.

Project Highlights

Site Brine Distribution System

Conducted conceptual design activities aimed at addressing identified deficiencies in the brine distribution systems as outlined in the Mission Engineering report. The focus was on replacement of segments of the Brine system to enhance the functionality and reliability of aging infrastructure serving Consolidated Nuclear Security, LLC at the Y-12 National Security Complex.

Building 9204-02 Crusher Grinder

Comprehensive conceptual design assistance is being provided for the modifications planned for the infrastructure of Building 9204-02. These modifications include D&D of an existing lithium crusher grinder and integrating equipment with extended utilities to provide a new lithium crusher grinder tailored to meet production needs. The objective is to ensure that the infrastructure adequately supports operations conducted by Consolidated Nuclear Security, LLC at the Y-12 National Security Complex, while prioritizing safety measures.

Conceptual Design

  • System requirements document
  • Conceptual facility layouts
  • Conceptual design summary
  • Engineering discipline manhour estimates
  • Engineering hours summary
  • Engineering discipline statements of work

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