November 2023

November 2023

A job well done to Strata-G’s Environmental Specialist, Mason Jobe, for his work supporting ORNL’s Agriculture Pod!

The main purpose of this study is to show that small communities can build systems that sequester carbon and use it to feed and grow plants resulting in a net zero carbon emission environment. Mason and his team are working on building an HVAC unit that sequesters and bottles carbon. Then, their team is going to start injecting that carbon at different rates into the atmosphere to alter those conditions and observe how it affects plant growth and rates of photosynthesis.

The goal is to discover how much carbon to apply at certain stages of plant growth so that the plant uses 100% of the injected carbon dioxide while simultaneously sustaining itself.

In hopes of achieving their goal, the team aims to demonstrate efficient usage of the HVAC bottling system in an effort supporting environmental sustainability practices.

Great job, Mason and team!

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