Paula Hulette

Outreach Coordinator

One of the many reasons Paula is thrilled to be a part of Strata-G is its sincere and unique culture of giving back. Strata-G’s Outreach Program focuses on providing food, shelter, and education for the less fortunate in our community, as well as supporting environmental stewardship throughout East Tennessee. As Strata-G’s Outreach Coordinator, Paula encourages all employees to get involved and support those in need through the variety of area partnerships Strata-G has created and fosters for this purpose.

Paula received her B.S. degree in Business Administration from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville and serves as Strata-G’s Human Resources Specialist. She has a successful record of management achievements, promotions, and experiences in the banking, employee staffing, manufacturing, and retail industries since 1993. She has overseen employee relations operations for up to 2,500 employees and has served on a strategic leadership team involved in major corporate restructuring. Paula has contributed to the development of innovative human resource strategies that led to winning the Society of Human Resources’ Annual Award of Excellence.

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