John Patterson

President / Chief Executive Officer

John is President and CEO of Strata-G and is focused primarily on the company’s business development and growth. John has a B.S. degree from the University of Delaware and a M.S. degree in Engineering Management from George Washington University where he graduated with commendations.

With over 30 years of experience in the nuclear, petroleum, and environmental fields, John’s expertise is in providing strategic regulatory, clean up, and waste management consulting. His career started with Chicago Bridge & Iron working refinery turnarounds before becoming a DOE Federal employee in the new DOE Environmental Management Program. John provided programmatic and technical support to the Fernald, Weldon Spring, and FUSRAP Programs. John developed CERCLA and NEPA decision documents at Jacobs Engineering Group then became the Waste Management Strategy and Integration lead with Bechtel Jacobs Company. He has served as the Waste Acceptance Criteria Manager for the Oak Ridge CERCLA disposal facility, and supported projects in Oak Ridge, Paducah, Portsmouth, Hanford, and various commercial and academic institution sites.

Most recently, John served as the Environmental Management Disposal Facility (EMDF) Project Manager for three years, supporting the United Cleanup Oak Ridge, LLC (UCOR) in their efforts to help maintain DOE’s environmental management mission on the Oak Ridge Reservation (ORR).

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