Georgia Gerrick

Outreach Coordinator
Georgia is delighted to be part of the Strata-G team, partly due to the organization’s authentic and distinctive culture of philanthropy.

Strata-G’s Outreach Program focuses on providing food, shelter, and education for the less fortunate in our community, as well as supporting environmental stewardship throughout East Tennessee. As Strata-G’s Outreach Coordinator, Georgia encourages all employees to get involved and support those in need through the variety of area partnerships Strata-G has created and fosters for this purpose.

Georgia has her Bachelor’s in English Literature and is a recent graduate from The University of Tennessee, Knoxville. She has a considerable amount of experience in reading and text analysis, and has explored a variety of literary fields, genres, and writing styles. Some of her areas of study include Romanticism, Art History, and Greek Classics. Georgia currently works for Strata-G, LLC as a technical editor. She applies her skills as a writer to edit, complete, and finalize documents for projects in accordance with the standardized formatting for use by United Cleanup Oak Ridge, LLC (UCOR) and Department of Energy (DOE).

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