May 2023

May 2023

We are pleased to announce the addition of a new Nuclear Services Division to our current Strata-G organization to be led by Michael Russell.

Michael has 30+ years of technical project management experience in the areas of nuclear operations, engineering, quality assurance (QA) and compliance, regulatory/licensing support, performance improvement, construction, information technology, and software and hardware development.

Strata-G recently surpassed 300 employees, and we feel that this new organizational structure will improve our ability to stay connected with one another. Michael’s new division will be key strategically as we seek to grow our existing capabilities and expand our reach into the next generation commercial nuclear industry.

“The most important thing about leading our people is communicating with and facilitating among our great and diverse employees, their varied work places/clients, the Strata-G home office, and corporate resource groups. It has been amazing to get to know all the folks in my and other groups, their experiences, their families, personal stories, history, and the great work each of them is doing. This is one of the greatest jobs I could imagine.”

Thank you, Michael, for assuring the highest quality in the work that you do, personally and professionally, and for generating such great opportunities for our team.

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