Strata-G is One of Only 5 Tennessee Organizations to Receive 2017 TNCPE Achievement Award

The Tennessee Center of Performance Excellence recently awarded Strata-G the 2017 Achievement Award. On hand to accept the award were Dan Hurst, Strata-G CEO, and Kate Honebrink, Strata-G Baldrige Coordinator. This Level 3 Award marks the next milestone in the journey Strata-G envisioned several years ago when we aspired to achieve the Malcom Baldrige Quality Award and began the journey to attain it. Using the Baldrige Excellence Framework to improve our processes and results, along with rigorous TNCPE assessments, we have improved our business processes, focusing on achieving excellence through greater efficiency and effectiveness. Governor Haslam congratulated us by saying, “Organizations that pursue a TNCPE award have a special drive. Strata-G’s commitment to improvement will reach deep into our community, making a significant contribution to the state’s economy, and the wellbeing of its citizens.” Thanks to every Strata-G team member for daily commitment to integrity, service, and quality that make the journey successful.

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