Safety Topic: the Pre-Job Briefing

Strata-G employees consistently play at the championship level either in the office or at the site. Safety champion, Tom Bock, recommends an effective tool, the pre-job briefing, held prior to a full job briefing, to help us stay at that level of engagement. Advantages of the pre-job brief:

1. Allows us time to prepare for the briefing,
2. Discusses specifics rather than generalities,
3. Allows us to speak up, and ask questions,
4. Allows for active discussion among
5. Is conducted in a non-distracting environment,
6. Makes the briefings more efficient.

Playing at the highest level requires more communication than ever.

Strata-G Plays a Leadership Role in Advancing Clean Energy

Last month, you read about our involvement with the Tennessee Advanced Energy Business Coalition, a non- profit organization of 40 companies and agencies that champions advanced energy as a job creation and economic development strategy. If you took a moment to look at the short video, you are probably wondering about the renewable energy projects in which Strata-G has played a major role. Here’s an opportunity to learn about two projects, one described by Elliott Barnett, the second by Janna Nash. Elliott talks about the work he has done with a client to establish CNG as the preferred fuel for its vehicle fleet. Janna describes her project with Maryville College to retrofit the Crawford House to LEED Gold, not a small task when you consider the advanced age of the House. The Crawford House is the 2nd oldest building in the United States to have attained the LEED Gold level.


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