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Congratulations to the Strata-G combined workforce which surpassed 2 million hours without a total recordable or lost time incident. This is a significant milestone that demonstrates your collective efforts and commitment to working safely. Dan reminded us in a recent email to continue, as we move forward in 2017, to prioritize working, driving, and living safely, whether you are at home, at your site, or in the office, so that we can all continue to enjoy the future with our loved ones.

Thanks to each of you for your hard work and continued attention to safety!

Strata-G Advances Renewable Energy through the TAEBC

Strata-G is a member of the Tennessee Advanced Energy Business Coalition, a non-profit organization of 40 companies and agencies that champions advanced energy as a job creation and economic development strategy. Dan was a founder of the TAEBC and is a current Board member. The TAEBC educates public officials and business leaders about Tennessee’s advanced energy assets, establishes strategic partnerships to connect assets with opportunities, and informs policy that expands and strengthens the industry.

Recently, the TAEBC created several videos about its mission, including the one in the link below. Each video features Dan or Elliott or Janna Nash who discuss Strata-G’s emphasis on advanced energy as a potential market in which to grow and contribute. The video is about 3 minutes long.


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