March 2017 News

March 2017 News

Safety Topic: Safety Begins at Home

Strata-G, a member of the National Safety Council, qualified for three NSC safety awards that recognize the safety record of our home office employees!

1. The Perfect Record Award recognizes organizations that have completed a period of at least 12 consecutive months without incurring an occupational injury or illness that resulted in days away from work or death.

2. The Safety Leadership Award recognizes organizations that have achieved five or more consecutive years without an occupational injury or illness resulting in days away from work.

3. The Occupational Excellence Achievement Award recognizes organizations with injury and illness records better than or equal to 50% of the Bureau of Labor Statistics for their NAICS code.

Performance in Excellence Achieved

Last year Strata-G began a journey toward performance excellence through a state-administered program, the Tennessee Center for Performance Excellence (TNCPE), a program open to companies and non-profit organizations throughout Tennessee. Strata-G’s Quality Manager, Tammy Phillips, led the rigorous process of self-assessment and preparation of an extensive application submitted in July 2016 and two days of intense interviews by a TNCPE committee. As a result, Strata-G was the awarded the Level 2 Commitment Award. This award recognizes Strata- G’s serious commitment to and implementation of performance improvement principles. Strata-G accepted the award at the 24th Annual Excellence in Tennessee Awards Banquet on March 2 in Nashville.

Strata-G Judges at Science Fair

In support of our Education Outreach program, Strata-G provided judges for the 7th grade Science Fair at Sacred Heart Cathedral School. Winners moved on to the Southern Appalachian Science and Engineering Fair, March 27-30, at Thompson Boling Arena.

Pictured Left to Right: Dawn Moyers, science teacher; Mark Maki, a Strata-G colleague; and Strata-G employees Mark Brummett, Jason Case, Doug Gerrick, John Patterson, and Leah Berry.

February 2017 News

February 2017 News

Safety Topic: the Pre-Job Briefing

Strata-G employees consistently play at the championship level either in the office or at the site. Safety champion, Tom Bock, recommends an effective tool, the pre-job briefing, held prior to a full job briefing, to help us stay at that level of engagement. Advantages of the pre-job brief:

1. Allows us time to prepare for the briefing,
2. Discusses specifics rather than generalities,
3. Allows us to speak up, and ask questions,
4. Allows for active discussion among
5. Is conducted in a non-distracting environment,
6. Makes the briefings more efficient.

Playing at the highest level requires more communication than ever.

Strata-G Plays a Leadership Role in Advancing Clean Energy

Last month, you read about our involvement with the Tennessee Advanced Energy Business Coalition, a non- profit organization of 40 companies and agencies that champions advanced energy as a job creation and economic development strategy. If you took a moment to look at the short video, you are probably wondering about the renewable energy projects in which Strata-G has played a major role. Here’s an opportunity to learn about two projects, one described by Elliott Barnett, the second by Janna Nash. Elliott talks about the work he has done with a client to establish CNG as the preferred fuel for its vehicle fleet. Janna describes her project with Maryville College to retrofit the Crawford House to LEED Gold, not a small task when you consider the advanced age of the House. The Crawford House is the 2nd oldest building in the United States to have attained the LEED Gold level.


January 2017 News

January 2017 News

Safety Topic:

Congratulations to the Strata-G combined workforce which surpassed 2 million hours without a total recordable or lost time incident. This is a significant milestone that demonstrates your collective efforts and commitment to working safely. Dan reminded us in a recent email to continue, as we move forward in 2017, to prioritize working, driving, and living safely, whether you are at home, at your site, or in the office, so that we can all continue to enjoy the future with our loved ones.

Thanks to each of you for your hard work and continued attention to safety!

Strata-G Advances Renewable Energy through the TAEBC

Strata-G is a member of the Tennessee Advanced Energy Business Coalition, a non-profit organization of 40 companies and agencies that champions advanced energy as a job creation and economic development strategy. Dan was a founder of the TAEBC and is a current Board member. The TAEBC educates public officials and business leaders about Tennessee’s advanced energy assets, establishes strategic partnerships to connect assets with opportunities, and informs policy that expands and strengthens the industry.

Recently, the TAEBC created several videos about its mission, including the one in the link below. Each video features Dan or Elliott or Janna Nash who discuss Strata-G’s emphasis on advanced energy as a potential market in which to grow and contribute. The video is about 3 minutes long.


December 2016 News

December 2016 News

Strata-G enjoys the holiday season! Left to Right: Dan Hurst, Elliott Barnett, Leah Berry, Darrell Daugherty, Kevin Mitchell, John Patterson

Strata-G Represented at Huntsville Energy Summit

In mid-November, Dan, Elliott Barnett, and Tim Hale attended the Energy Huntsville Summit at the NASA Space and Rocket Museum in Huntsville. Zach Wamp, Strata-G Senior Advisor, moderated and led a panel session highlighting energy technology entrepreneurs from a range of industries. Strata-G hosted a dinner for the aforementioned group, resulting in a fascinating evening of lively discussion with Gov. Sununu, former Chief of Staff under president George H. W. Bush.

Staff News

Each fall, Dan and others hike to Mt. LeConte for recreation and fellowship. This year, Dan was accompanied by, left to right, Darrell Daugherty, Bryan Schoch, Kevin Mitchell, and John Patterson. The highlight of the trip was watching the sunset from Cliff Tops and the sunrise from Myrtle Point.

Long a supporter of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Dan has led this hike for 10 years. This year, the group completed the last of the several routes up the mountain by hiking up Trillium Gap Trail. Mt. LeConte is the 3rd highest peak in the Great Smokies at 6,593’. The Mt. LeConte Lodge is the highest inn in the Eastern U.S. that provides lodging for guests.

November 2016 News

November 2016 News

Staff News

John Patterson, Strata-G VP for Business Development and avid cyclist, met the 3-time winner of the Tour de France, Greg LeMond, at the recent ribbon-cutting ceremony of LeMond Composites. The company has a licensing agreement with ORNL to manufacture high-volume, low-cost carbon fiber, advantageous to many industries by improving strength, stiffness and weight reduction. The revolutionary process developed at ORNL reduces industrial carbon fiber production costs by more than 50 percent, a significant achievement.

KARM Coats for the Cold

We’ve hit our goal of 100 coats (and then some)!

Thank you to everyone who brought coats in this year!

The folks at KARM will appreciate it!

October 2016 News

October 2016 News

Strata-G’s Garden Grows for All

Inspired by Kate Honebrink, planted by Todd Williams, and watered by Amanda Swanson, the Strata-G home office landscaped garden area has earned recognition from the National Wildlife Federation as a Certified Wildlife Habitat. We have improved the habitat for birds, butterflies, and other wildlife by providing natural food sources, access to water, and places to hide.

September 2016 News

September 2016 News

Photographers Span the Years

Amanda Swanson, Strata-G staff photographer and administrative assistant, was excited to meet renowned Manhattan Project photographer, Ed Westcott, at a Strata-G sponsored exhibit of Ed’s photographs in downtown Knoxville. Ed served as the official photographer in Oak Ridge during World War II and is a source of community pride and awe. His photographs can be viewed at

July 2016 News

July 2016 News

Dragon Boat Team

The Strata-G Force came in 2nd in the Dragon Division, the fastest heat in the annual KARM Dragon Boat Festival. The Force also came in 2nd overall in fundraising, an effort that will serve hungry folks 10,000 hearty meals.

Strata-G’s Healthy Workplace

Strata-G was recently recognized as a 2016 Healthier Tennessee Workplace by the Governor’s Foundation for Health and Wellness by offering various wellness challenges to our employees throughout the year.
Challenges vary from walking, cycling, healthy eating, and weight loss. Our goal is for at least 25% of the company participating in one or more of these challenges.

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